PyXG = Python + Xgrid

PyXG provides a Python interface to Apple's Xgrid. Xgrid is Apple's solution for running jobs on a cluster of Macintosh computers. PyXG enables users to submit and manage Xgrid jobs on a cluster from a Python script or within an interactive Python session.

Get PyXG

PyXG is now being hosted on Launchpad here.

The latest code for PyXG can be retrieved from the Launchpad site using bzr.


PyXG has a Google Groups mailing list for users and developers.

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Somewhat outdated API docs for for PyXG can be found here.


With PyXG you can:

Python/Xgrid Communications

Roughly speaking, there are two client interfaces to Xgrid: an "xgrid" command line and a Cocoa framework called XgridFoundation.

Currently, the Python to Xgrid communication in PyXG is implemented through a set of Python classes that wrap the Xgrid command line. The Cocoa API is not used in PyXG as it is designed to be used in GUI Cocoa applications where the Cocoa event loop (an NSRunloop instance) is running. If you are developing Cocoa-Python GUI applications, PyObjC has wrapped the XgridFoundation framework.